Technical data

This pages lists the actual configuration of my home cinema. The configuration may change until the room is fully finished.


length: 6.00 m

width: 4.57 m

height: 2.20 m

Front wall is painted pure white and serves as screen too.


Front Speakers Dynaudio Contour T2.5
Center Speaker Dynaudio Audience C120+
Rear Speakers Dynaudio Audience 5
Rear Surround Speakers Dynaudio Audience 42
Subwoofer Dynaudio SUB 300

All speakers connected by OCOS cables to the A/V-Receiver.
2014: Upgraded to Full HD
2017: Motorized projection screen added.


Beamer Acer H9501BD
BluRay Player Samsung BD-F5500
A/V-Receiver Yamaha RX-A2020


The light is controlled by automation controller built by myself. There are different lamps at different locations. Together with the newly build light scene controller several different light ambient scenes can be programmed.

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