Operation Spycar (2003)

The idea for this weekend project came from run over pages from a toy catalog, while looking for a gift for a child.

Operation Spycar consists of a small remote controlled car, a wireless video camera and a video receiver with monitor and was built in one hour on a rainy weekend. The following pictures show the individual components with some comment.

The model car for this experiment. It mesaures 20cm in length.
The wireless video system. In the back is the batterybox for the camera. In front on the left side is the camera with its huge red power connector and ond the right side is the receiver.
A detailed picture of the camera. The camera measures 3.3cm in length.
The monitor was a computer data glass.
The finish state of the spycar. the battery box is mounted in the rear above the motor. As it is too big the body cannot be mounted again.
Data glass with receiver and all power adapters. With all this things it is not very handy.

It is great fun to drive with this little car around the living room and see everything from the mouse perspetive.

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